We’re game changers – refreshing the face of student accommodation with our state-of-the-art residences where students can thrive, socially and academically. We are Respublica Student Living.


We develop, own and manage student accommodation – and we’re setting new standards in South Africa. We bring you apartment and studio-style accommodation, built with students in mind. Every res is close to a campus and near a major bus route – so if you can’t walk to class it’s a quick commute to get there.

Stringent security measures ensure your safety, while computer centres, dedicated study areas, and uncapped Wi-Fi create the ideal space for students to conquer that course. Shared social spaces, laundromats, fitness centres and inspiring spaces encourage interaction and wellness.
At the same time, our house rules ensure a harmonious environment with the appropriate balance of work and play for all our Respublicans.


We are unique in that we manage all aspects of construction and operations. That includes all elements of the value chain from site acquisition, design and building, to management of residence life. That single point of contact lets our property development, facilities management, residence life and finance teams work alongside each other. The result is unparalleled success in the delivery of:

  • New developments, both on and off campus (development and project management)
  • On- and off-campus residence management solutions (both facilities and residence life services)


Our specialist financial team has a clear track record of working closely with institutional funders to deliver innovative finance structures for our residence projects. We also work closely with our university and corporate customers to deliver differentiated and affordable student accommodation, along with quality student management services. This unique blend of financial expertise and operating experience brings unrivalled strength to our projects.


Our daily interaction with students is what keeps us on our feet – always thinking of new and improved ways of meeting their accommodation needs. We’ve learned that students need more than a desk and a bed to thrive – they need a space that they can make their own. A space they can share with other pioneers on the path to achieving their goals. And they need free Wi-Fi. And a well-stocked canteen!


To help make our students into the leaders of tomorrow, we will strive to continually redefine their living experiences through innovation and excellence of accommodation, and by caring service delivery.

To make our stakeholders prosper, we will keep on investing in people who share our values of integrity, innovation and dedication, so we continue to exceed expectations. Then we can become a world leader in student accommodation.

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